Decoding The Trend of Maxi Gowns/Maxi Dresses

Decoding The Trend of Maxi Gowns:Maxi Dresses

The storm that the trend of maxi dresses is, has hit the world alike and how! A 70’s fashion trend, the maxi dress has returned to the fashion circuit in 2017 and is ruling like no other. And why not?

These are so breathable, so light weight and lovely to wear; perfect for summers and spring! In fact, the maxi dress or the maxi gown has broken all season stereotypes and is being touted as a fashion trend that will be followed in winters too! Maxi dresses look so cute and make you feel fresh as a daisy throughout the day. With a couple of maxi dresses in your closet, you will forget what it was like to wear jeans and trousers all day.

Available in so many different cute prints to choose from; you could have a maxi dress made out of potentially any fabric you like! These are so versatile, you could wear them to work, for a day out with friends, for shopping & running errands, for a summer date or even go clubbing in one! There’s no stopping for the maxi dress! The maxi gown, in fact, can be worn for evening parties and other evening events.

Maxi Dress trends 2017

What was once considered a hippie trend for ‘bad women’ of the society has taken the entire world by storm today. Following are a few viral maxi gown/maxi dress trends that are not going to be backed down soon.

Floral prints

Floral Prints

You have to agree, you have seen it everywhere; be it on furniture, on cutlery, on accessories, on clothes and apparel or even on footwear. Floral is the new black when it come to clothes and is a natural hit by fashion standards. The thing with floral is, you don’t have to do much; there is minimal accessorizing and easy efforts.

Maxi dresses in floral prints are a rage this season and women are loving how summery and all things cute it makes them look.

Aztec and kitschy prints

Aztec and kitschy prints

Kitsch and avant-garde is another theme that women are rocking this season. And when you get Aztec prints on maxi dresses; they look uber cool and make you stand out. Ensure that the tailoring includes breezy cuts and tassels over the neck for an added dimension to the dress.

White cottons

White Cotton

Cotton is a fabric that works the best for maxi gown. It gives these dresses a swoon worthy silhouette and lightness to them. And when it is a white cotton dress; prepare to look like a Greek Goddess.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones

Choose earthy tones for your maxi dress. This makes you look classy without making too much effort and maintains subtlety in your outfit. Be it faded cottons or earth greys and browns with occasional bright stripes between them; you are sure to look like a gracious Diva in these.


Lace Maxi dress

Lace is another ‘in’ fabric these days. Be it jackets, skirts, tops or dresses; women don’t seem to be getting their fix of lace and crochet. Especially the ones in white. These spill elegance, panache and a high class style. Maxi dresses in lace and crocket when styled right can make you look like you stepped out of the next Vanity Fair cover!

Styling maxi dresses right


People may think that maxi dresses are too boring; or that it makes them look bloated up and fat. These are all misconceptions and myths that need to be bust. When you style it right with attention to your hair, shoes and bags; you can steal the show!


When you buy a maxi dress, you can get add ons like tassels, fringes and other knick-knacks on your dress for it to be cutesy and special. Choose the ones that end above the ankle and lengthen your frame.


Keep your hair simple as you want the dress to do the talking. Put them in a simple fishtail braid or a high bun and you are sorted.

Make up


Keep the makeup very simple; a dash of kohl or eyeliner should do the job for you. Put on a little blush if this is formal event and keep your lips nude.

Shoes and bags


The only accessory that you should be carrying is a bag; preferably a sling or a backpack. For footwear, you are at the liberty to choose anything; from sneakers to flats, from heels to wedges and even flip-flops!

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