How to Style a Black Dress for Evening Cocktails

How to Style a Black Dress for Evening Cocktails

Of anything that a woman has in her closet, a classic black dress is one of them. Sure, a lot of people might associate the black dress to a uniform outfit for funerals, but a black dress is much more than that.

Since this is one of the statement outfits present in closets of women across the world alike, the black dress has gotten its due. Whether it is the classic little black dress or the a black gown, or a shirt dress, or a midi dress or even a frock style dress; black dresses are agreeably versatile clothing that can transform into a whole new outfit according to different occasions, given you style it the ideal way.

Styling right to look like a diva

When it comes to styling a black dress, there is a lot you can do to it for it to become a whole new outfit every time you wear it; there is a lot of things you can do to customise it and make it a statement outfit in your closet to stand out among the herd.

While women may only resort to slipping into a black dress for a round of evening cocktails, there’s a lot of experiment that you can do with your black dress, when it comes to donning it for an evening of cocktails.

Trust us on this, if you style your black party dress right, you are bound to look like a diva as you step out for the evening.

Following are few indicators to how you could potentially style your black dress for it to look bombshell.

According to Season

If the season when you want to wear a black dress has a little chill in the air, here’s what you could do:-

1. Pair your black dress with a statement jacket or an overcoat. Not only will this protect you from the harsh cold, but will also make a new outfit out of the dress.

2. If you don’t want the jacket to take away the glory of your dress, you could just wear see-through tights or stockings. This will also make you look a little conservative if your hosts are not too forward.

3. Wear a short black dress and pair it with long black boots to make a killer statement.

With Accessories.

The best way to style your black dress, no matter what type it is, includes accessorizing well. Just keep in mind that you don’t want it to be too over-the-top or gaudy; however, you also don’t want it to be too simple and plain Jane like.

1. Wear a statement neckpiece. It could be a choker or a dangling chain; anything that attracts attention to your neck from the dress. You could also layer chains up.

2. Large earrings work wonder if you are not in a mood to play dress up or do too much. Just put on large earrings and keep the neck bare.

3. If you like rings and bracelets, now is the time to play. Eye catching rings and bracelets work just fine if you don’t want to wear earrings or neck pieces.

4. You could also choose to add a dimension to your dress with a statement belt that accentuates your figure and your curves.

Handbags and Shoes

If you are not a jewellery person, there are shoes and bags for you.

1. Carry a blingy clutch or a shiny sling bag along with your black dress. The black dress will create a great backdrop for the clutch to shine out and attract attention.

2. A short black dress and sky high heels are a killer combination; you don’t even need to think before putting these on.

Makeup and hair

If your make-up skills are on point, you could be in for a great sigh of relief.

1. A little black dress, paired with bold red lipstick is known to have haunted people in their dreams; so killer it looks.

2. Create a dramatic hairdo by pulling them up in a bun and playing around with it if you plan on getting on the dance floor.

3. A coat of glitter nail paint or even glitter eye liner can help you steal the show.

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