Jumpsuits for Evening and Casual Wear

Jumpsuits for Evening and Casual Wear

While dressing up for different occasions during different seasons, as a woman, you might get stereotypical towards some dresses in your closet. You might also have a string demarcation between what constitutes evening wear and what constitutes casual wear.

However, surprises are the spice of life. You never know what outfit in your closet ends up surprising you.

Jumpsuits are one such clothing. The quintessential outfit of the 80’s is back with a bang and how! Jumpsuits also go by the name of rompers and are the definition of super comfortable clothing; breathy, light and so many styles to choose from! Jumpsuits are a great comeback and they are here to stay.
Bringing the jumpsuit out

You might be surprised when you come to know about the hundreds of different styles jumpsuits are available in. Different styles, different cuts, different fabrics, different shapes, different length and of course, different colours and patterns. There are jumpsuits to compliment every body shape, every body type and every complexion.

The dilemma most women face when it comes to wearing jumpsuits is whether to wear them as a casual outfit or could they be worn at an evening dinner or as an evening dress?

The answer is, yes! Earlier, the only way jumpsuits could be worn was as casual wear; no one ever thought to play around with jumpsuit styling for it to be able to stand as a string evening wear contender. Now, the trend has changed and thankfully, women have started to wear the jumpsuit to cocktails, parties and other evening events as a party dress.

Following in the article, we tell you how you could wear the jumpsuit for casual wear and how styling difference can make it apt for evening wear.

Jumpsuits for Evening

To be able to stand out in the herd and make a statement to set a fashion trend of your own, you need guts. And what better way to stand boldly in a party than in a pair of jumpsuit?

1. Fir evening wear, ditch the jumpsuits that end at the knee or anywhere above the knee; choose anything that ends right below the knee, at the mid-calves or a long jumpsuit that tapers right at the ankle.

2. Since you are choosing a jumpsuit for evening wear, you can go around and play with necklines; let them necklines plunge deep! When you are wearing jumpsuits for casual wear, deep necklines can be a lot to handle while working or running errands; these are perfect for evening wear.

3. Choose bold colours for evening wear jumpsuits. They should not be too loud, but just bold enough to make a statement. Bold colours like red, blue, sunset tangerine or even a taffeta white can do wonders!

4. Stripes are in these days; be it trousers, shirts or even tops. You could choose a vertical striped jumpsuit in beige, grey or the classic black. Black never fails and it is the way to go!

5. If you can handle candy colours like they are your game; choose candy colour striped jumpsuits.

6. Since we are talking evening wear, a pair of culottes could make you stand out. Culottes are jumpsuits that end right at mid calf or slightly below the knee and give your legs a statement. They are uber chic and best for evening wear.

7. If you are the one to dare, you could choose a strapless or off-shoulder jumpsuit for evening wear.

Jumpsuits for Casual Wear

When it comes to jumpsuits for casual wear, you are in for a treat; there are so many styles to choose from, so many cuts and fabrics to play with!

1. Casual jumpsuits include everything, from short ones, to mini ones, to those that end at the knee or even long ones; take your pick!

2. For a playful take, you could choose a denim jumpsuit for a casual day out and pair them with white sneakers or canvases.

3. If its really hot outside and you want to wear strapless or off-shoulder jumpsuits, you could pair them with sheer shirts or mini shrugs to be able to roam around freely.

4. If you plan to go to the office, throw on a blazer or a jacket and you’re good to go!

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