Jumpsuits for Short Women

Jumpsuits for Short Women

When it comes to dressing up, women are very choosy for what they will be donning on. And why not, for even a single mistake in their ensemble can cost them a lot! Women dress up according to their body shape, and their height. And when it comes to short women, as they think, they are not left with many choices. One of the biggest challenges in front of the short women is carrying a jumpsuit. When jumpsuits for women are a trend these days, short women are reluctant of carrying this attire. Why? It might make them look shorter. Well, all short women out there fear no more for these tips will make you look great in a jumpsuit. Read through to find out!

Tips for Short Women to Look Great in Jumpsuits

Don’t fancy jumpsuits much? Worry no more for these tips will make you look as stunning as ever in the outfit you are most scared to pull off.

Short Jumpsuits Instead of the Longer Ones

It’s time when you say goodbye to the fear of wearing jumpsuits. How? Well, you just have to be a little clever while selecting your outfit. Instead of opting for long jumpsuits, go for the shorter ones. Why? Let your legs do the talking. Moreover, long jumpsuits tend to make you look even shorter. On the other hand, short jumpsuits accentuate your legs; they make your look taller. You can wear a shrug or a tailored blazer if you want to create a more sophisticated look. With evening jumpsuits, statement jackets will do wonders. Team up your favorite jumpsuit with a pair of heels and minimal accessories and you shall never regret wearing a jumpsuit in your life ever again!

Vertical Stripes to Make you look Taller

Women usually get wrong with stripes. They do not know which one to pick as per their heights and body shapes. Ditch horizontal stripes for they will make you look even shorter. Horizontal stripes are not your very best friends. Rather, you can go for vertical stripes for they will make you look taller. If stripes are not your thing then you should definitely try jumpsuits with vertical stripes. You will see the difference all by yourself once you give vertical stripes a try. In addition to looking taller, you will look slimmer as well. But do keep in mind that you go for basic stripes instead of daring ones for the latter can bring bizarre consequences for you and you wouldn’t want that to happen. Complete your look with heels, a structured sling bag, and you are good to go!

Ditch Skin Tight Jumpsuits for Wide Legged Ones

There is something with skin tight jumpsuits which is definitely not good for short women. Women with short height do not really like to wear long jumpsuits, but if you are daring enough then wide legged jumpsuits will look great on you. You can also go for straight ones, but skin tight jumpsuits should be always avoided if your height is short. Why? Well, skin tight jumpsuits make you look even shorter, they do highlight your legs, in a bad way though! A killer pair of heels will work as a savior for long jumpsuits. For party jumpsuits, a dazzling pair of heels and a statement clutch will look totally fabulous!

Heels are your Best Friends

Oh, yes! Heels are indeed your best friends. To be honest, heels have nothing to do with your height because almost every girl likes to wear them. And when your height is short, heels can be a lifesaver! No denying that! Whether it’s a long jumpsuit or a shorter one, heels go a long way. If you are teaming up your jumpsuit with a tailored blazer, then nothing can be better than a pair of pointed heels. Heels not only go with party jumpsuits but look great with casual ones as well. Even for a casual look, you can wear your favorite pair of funky heels with casual jumpsuits. If you want to keep it subtle, try Perspex heels which are in much-trend these days. Perspex heels not only make you look taller but at the same time give your ensemble an edgy look that doesn’t itch the eyes at all!

So, ladies that was it! Hope now you won’t be afraid of wearing jumpsuits. To be honest, it doesn’t really matter what’s your height, or what’s your size until you feel confident about yourself. Many celebrities are a living proof that your physical appearance can’t stop you from being a showstopper. Take some notes from Kim Kardashian who knows how to hit it right with her outrageous sense of fashion. Be bold, be you and nothing shall stop you from becoming the diva you really are!

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