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Rose Gold Sequins V Neck Nude Illusion Dress


Availability: In Stock

Product Code: 506199IXI

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The Rose Gold Sequins V Neck Nude Illusion Dress is A elegant dress especially for a great evening, this dress will make you shine on your special event, if you want to stand out, this peace right here will complete your look. This fabric contains 100% Poly and is lined. Wear this dress with your beautiful high heels and clutch.

Please Note! Runs small
Chat with your stylist for more information


Fabric: 100% Poly

Additional Information
Sequins dress
Edsilia R. Jun 2, 2016
Yasssss it's back in stock again getting it now :-)))))
Sparkly and luxurious
Jessica L. May 23, 2016
Finally it's back in stock, i hope there will be other colors available soon!! Love this dress, if you are in doubt about this GIRL DON'T because those sequins are beautiful. You can thank me later :-)
Re-stock pleaseeee
Vanessa Mar 9, 2016
Please re-stock this item!!! I purchased the chrome stones sleeveless dress and it's amazing.. please send me email once it's back in stock THANK YOU XX
Rose Gold Sequins
Chloe C Feb 4, 2016
Thanks for keeping us posted i need to purchase this dress. i saw my niece and asked her directly where did you get that dress? CFC i won't miss out!!
Re-stock A.S.A.P.
Jenna Feb 3, 2016
Please re-stock!!!!!!! I know you guys re-stock hot items frequently please let me know once it comes in thank you so much xx
Curvy Fashion Chicks Jan 5, 2016
@Lauren Sure...Please send us a email to info@curvyfashionchicks.com with your size and we will take care of it once it's back in stock! Thank you for your feedback we totally appreciate it
Please restock!!
Lauren Jan 5, 2016
Can you please re-stock both colors, my niece purchased the Rose Gold Sequins V Neck Nude Illusion Dress and it even looks better than those pictures. Please subscribe me on the re-stock list thank you soooo much.
Stacey M. Nov 29, 2015
This dress is sooo sophisticated i'm glad with my purchase. I really like the 24/7 email service that you guys are having always quick to reach even on sunday keep up the good work
Curvy Fashion Chicks Sep 9, 2015
@Nicole Sure thing we can add you to the list and we will let you know once it comes in!!
Love it❤️ great quality as always
Nicole - NJ Sep 9, 2015
Just received my package yesterday this dress is amazing i love it. I've always been a fan of sequin dresses. I can't wait till you guys re-stock the Navy chrome stones turtle neck dress :-)))) Can you please add me on that re-stock list Thank you gurls xx
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