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Fall/Winter Essentials 

We know that you guys have been waiting on our best selling Parka Fur Coats for a while and we're glad to announce that they are back! With a variation of styles colors and fabrics this collection won't go unnoticed, You will be rocking exclusive designs on the streets, that you can wear casually with an edgy rockdesign. We will be dropping bold colors to the collection soon as in Orange Pink Burgandy tones and so on... Our extravagant parka is the  Royal Blue Saga Fox Camouflage Parka Fur Coat  made of 100% high quality Fox fur from Sweden. The coat is suitable for extreme cold weathers, due to the thickness of the fur and the softness. It has a military design that creates a casual look that you can mix match with you favorite pair of high heel boots or sneakers.


When we offer you the best faux fur collection it's all about being Vegan Friendly, but yet comfortable and cozy to wear that doesn't need to break the bank. With our new designs we don't follow trends we set them for example our Striped Faux Fur Long Sleeve Coat styled by @nicholelynel an Striped Faux Fur Design with a fierce bossy appearance that will make you own the block, style it up with your own wardrobe piece that will match up with your personality. The collection of our variety designers are going to be Fierce and Fly...Just a little sneak peak that will be folowing up during our Fall/Winter 17-18 collection.

5 Ways To Catch His Eye Without Even Trying ...

I wish I could say that men don’t judge books by their covers…

In fact, I wish I could say that women don’t judge by the cover as well. But we both know that we’re only human, and we have certain “weaknesses.”

You do NOT need to have a skinny, stick-bug figure to attract men. IN FACT, most women of healthy and even voluptuous CURVES understand that men are slack-jawed in the presence of a woman who can carry that figure with confidence. Here we go.. 

  • Asset #1: "The Tush" Figure hugging dresses are a girl best friend as our Black Victorian Gold Sequins Dress
  • Asset #2: Hidden treasures the bare-back look like our Rose Gold Sequins Open Back Maxi Dress it's the sensual nature of men's mind. After all, seeing your back naked (no bra strap) is just a hint of having you completely in the buff. And yes, believe it or not men think about that frequently...
  • Asset #3: Be Flirty and Fun.. Men are NOT looking for promiscuity in women. Even when he seems to be pushing for sex. He's testing your boundaries... 
  • Asset #4: Easy on the buffering... Looking pretty isn't all about the makeup honey bun. Men don't want to wake up next to a woman they can't recognize. Use makeup to accentuate your best features.
  • Asset #5: Sustain the attraction.. Men who are going to stick around will always look for substance beyond the pretty packaging. Give him something he CAN'T resist and No it's that sexual healing. But a woman that is emotionally mature without the drama that's a mayorkey.

Which Colors Do Men Love On Fashionable Women

We all know how it goes? You're diving in to your closet searching for "THAT" particular dress for your hot date but you can't find nothing appropriate to wear it's either
too sexy or too boring, and you need a back up plan a.s.a.p. We all know that Fashion is Important to many women to convey their style and personality, but you might be interested to know that there are certain colors that men love on Women, but men love to keep things ''simple" and ''plain''No need to be freaking out just now lol
The number 1 Color is BLACK.... It implies sexiness, sophistication and class wrapped up into one simple color, for example our Black Off Shoulder Mesh Floral Embroidered Sleeves Dress it contains a curve hugging fit with
a eye for detail that will never go unnoticed. The second Color is RED,  but a little red goes a long way, too much can seem way too trashy and that's definitely not your main goal here. Wear it however you want, just don't overkill the look from head to toe
Number 3 is color WHITE. They love a pair of crystal whites we all do a GORGEOUS smile wins all the time, mix it up with a flirty white summer dress like the White Crochet Padded Slit Maxi Dress it's clean, classy and pure something that feels timeless to men.
Number 4 is color Blue, not your typical female color but men still love to see a woman in bright blue maxi dresses like our Blue Palm Ruffle Lace Up High Low Maxi Dress.
Number 5 is color Pink because it's soft feminine and flirty like the Spiced Orange Ruffle Shoulder Romper it goes a long way in a small amount, because a cozy pink jumpsuit during Netflix and Chill with your girls or lover creates a soft side of your personality